Saturday, September 20, 2008


When was the last time you went to the drive-in? I think it was in 1982 - about 26 years ago. This evening we went to the drive-in at 5650 N. 55th Ave., Glendale, AZ, 85301 - run by West Winds Drive-Ins. There are 9 screens there.

The last time I was at a drive it you picked the sound box off a post and hung it on your window. Now you tune your radio station to a given channel to get the sound.

We took our SUV and parked it backwards and had an inflatable mattress already pumped up in the back with the seats folded down and a few cushions. Popcorn, pretzels and beer. It's still pretty hot out so we had to keep the windows down. A number of people had chairs out and plenty of kids running around.

We watched Tropic Thunder (average to bad) and then the first half of Iron Man which was enjoyable up to when we left (had to get home for a call) and it looked like it could have had potential.

We'll definitely be doing that again. Next time might try the one in Scottsdale.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gas Saving Tips

Are you tired of reading the endless lists of things that you can do to save gas? I am, but I bet you haven't heard of this one.

When you and your buddy decide to take your bikes into the desert for a ride roll up to the pump just after he's started filling and as he's finishing take off the gas cap and ask him to top up your tank. Doesn't even appear on your credit card.

Thanks Graeme!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Motion Sick in Bed

I've just been evicted from the bed while sitting on it and brushing my teeth because my vigorous brushing was rocking the bed and making my wife motion sick.

Getting Paid to look at Topless Photos

Today I was working away on a project which involved looking at emails that our automated software had been unable to process into our customer management system. Although solving the problem was technically interesting it became more so when one of the emails had photos of topless babes. Can the day get any better?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Property Tax

I just got my property tax bill today and I'm a bit confused by it. The total is due in 2 equal parts, the first on 1 October 2008 and the second on 1 March 2009. That part I understand. Then it goes on to say "For tax amounts more than $100, if the entire amount is paid in full by 31 December 2008, no interest is charged."

This leads me to believe that I will be charged interest if I follow their instructions and pay it in two parts. What do you think?