Friday, May 25, 2007

Golf not so good

I've just had a couple of friends from England stay with me. We have an intense rivalry at golf and so 3 games were played in 5 days. I took what I thought was a sensible approach to attempting to get the crown of international champion which was to visit the driving range almost every day for the 3 weeks preceding their arrival.

With that amount of practise I thought that my game would be blindingly good but it turn out to be average at best and I did not emerge the winner.

This reminds me of a technique that my father employs when playing me at golf. We too have a good rivalry and competition when playing against each other and I rarely beat him. When we are living in close proximity we will have a summer series and I have yet to win one. His technique is to watch my ups and downs and when I start playing well or hit a purple patch he just refuses to play me. Very clever.

His other technique is to take me straight from the airport to the golf course and catch me half asleep. I tried to reverse that on him once in London. I picked him up at Heathrow, we dumped his bag, picked up the golf clubs and went straight to the course. I lost.


I was watching a snippet on the morning news a couple of days ago and discovered that not too far from us is the ultimate doggy spa and salon. It appears that they offer everything for your dog that could be offered for a human. They will wax, oil, cut, brush your dog and even give it a pawdicure.

I often wonder which country loves their animals more: Britain or US. I remember watching the Grand National in the UK with my grandmother many years ago and when a horse and rider fell my grandmother would let out a gasp and say "I hope the horse is alright."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Optical Illusion

I don't usually care much for these optical illusions because I've seen them all a dozen times and they are somewhat passé but here is one that I hadn't seen before that I thought was fairly cool.
Do you see the 4 small (tiny) dots arranged vertically just to the right of the heart shape? Bring your face a few inches from the screen and stare at the dots for about 30 seconds. Now look at a wall or surface with a smooth uniform color. Blink your eyes a few times and tell me who is staring back at you.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Splash & Dash 2007 #2

So it was Saturday morning and I was all ready to do the second splash and dash of the season and then I realized that I had eaten a poppy seed bagel the day before. I remembered reading somewhere that all it takes is the number of poppy seeds on one bagel for you to fail a doping test in the sports world.

So I decided that instead of risking be banned from the Splashes and the Dashes for the rest of the season and possibly the rest of my sporting career I would give this one a skip and definitely try and do the following one but remembering not to eat poppy seeds the week before the event.