Friday, May 25, 2007

Golf not so good

I've just had a couple of friends from England stay with me. We have an intense rivalry at golf and so 3 games were played in 5 days. I took what I thought was a sensible approach to attempting to get the crown of international champion which was to visit the driving range almost every day for the 3 weeks preceding their arrival.

With that amount of practise I thought that my game would be blindingly good but it turn out to be average at best and I did not emerge the winner.

This reminds me of a technique that my father employs when playing me at golf. We too have a good rivalry and competition when playing against each other and I rarely beat him. When we are living in close proximity we will have a summer series and I have yet to win one. His technique is to watch my ups and downs and when I start playing well or hit a purple patch he just refuses to play me. Very clever.

His other technique is to take me straight from the airport to the golf course and catch me half asleep. I tried to reverse that on him once in London. I picked him up at Heathrow, we dumped his bag, picked up the golf clubs and went straight to the course. I lost.

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