Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random text chat

While I was doing my morning rituals and checking my email on the phone I end up in the following text chat:

Him: Hey. U awake?
Me: Yes
Him: Alright... what u need to talk to me about?
Me: Who is this?
Him: Wait... is this taylor? This is brad :o
Me: No
Him: LLolk. Cyas.

I hope Brad finds Taylor.

A few years ago I kept on getting text messages from someone in Flagstaff who thought I was their boss. Twice I told them that they had the wrong number but for whatever reason they chose to ignore me. One day the conversation went something like this:

Him/Her: Hey, I'm running late and I'm not going to get into the office for a couple of hours.
Me: Listen, you've been working hard and doing a great job, why don't you have the day off on me.
Him/Her: Thanks so much, you're the best, I really appreciate that.

After that I didn't receive any more text messages from this person.

A couple of decades ago I was working in a large shared office with 14 others scattered around the outside of the office and each person had their own switchboard operated phone. In the middle of the office on some filing cabinets there was a direct line phone. Nobody knew why it was there and nobody used it. About once a month it would ring and if you answered it the person on the other end would try and order pizza. Our guess was that it had a very similar number to a take-out pizza company.

Most of the time the person who answered it would just let them know that it was a wrong number. However, one day the conversation went someting like this. James was my coworker:

James: Hello
Customer: I'd like to order some pizza.
James: We have a special today. Free 2 liters of Coke with each purchase.
Customer: Great
James: Also free garlic toast.
Customer: I'll have a large mushroom and olives.
James: What's the address?
Customer: [provides some address]
James: Your our 10,000 order, you're getting this one for free. Congratulations.
Customer: Thanks so much.

We never heard back from that customer so I have to assume they called the real number the next time.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

First time in pool 2012

For the record, so I can check and compare in future years, today, Saturday 21 April 2012, is my first time in the pool this year. The water was cold but not freezing.

I had no intention on going in but I took the 2-year-old out to the pool and she jumped in immediately and was insistent with a "come on daddy" so I eventually dived in. Took about 10 seconds to get used to it and it was beautiful. I can't imagine living in Arizona without easy access to a pool.

Today and tomorrow will peak at 100F (38F) so it won't be long before the pool is luke warm again.