Saturday, September 22, 2007

Double Camelback

In preparation for a south to north rim Grand Canyon hike in about 4 weeks time I decided to simulate a canyon hike using a mountain. This means climbing to the top of the mountain to start and then walking to the bottom and back to the top.

I started at the Echo Canyon car park and hiked up and over Camelback and down the other side to the beginning of the Cholla Trail and then back again.

Times taken in minutes:

Up Echo Canyon: 41
Down Cholla Trail: 24
Up Cholla Trail: 47
Down Echo Canyon: 22

Total time was 2 hrs and 14 minutes.

In case you want to compare your time against mine: I didn't stop for any breaks and kept the clock running all the time. I drank about 1.5 liters of "hydralyte" water. I had a bowl of crunchy cereal in the morning before settings off and didn't use any of my energy gels or eat anything during the hike. I obviously ran most of the down parts.

(Note to self: Put ice in water pack next time and drink more during uphill parts of hike.)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crunchy cereal too long

My wife doesn't eat crunchy cereal in the morning because it takes too long to eat. She has a point. I'm eating a bowl now and I've been at it for at least 10 minutes.

When you give yourself a short time period to get ready for work and breakfast takes this long you have to multi-task. I've tried shaving and eating cereal at the same time but that doesn't work. You end up with your spoon on your chin and the razor in your mouth. If it wasn't one of the first things you were doing in the morning you might be able to co-ordinate it.

So breakfast will have to be over the keyboard while it's crunchy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Highway Strip

I was driving down the 51 yesterday morning and had just passed the turn off for Bell St. when I saw a pair of women's high heeled shoes in the middle of the lane. Black, Prada I think. About 200 yards further on were a pair of black socks. Things were starting to get interesting. Alas, that is all she shed out the window.

I was expending to see cars backed up (or crashed) and the highway stripper to be in her underwear directing traffic. I think she was probably just a highway tease.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Smokin' Cold

I came to Los Angeles yesterday for a few days on a course. The two things that I immediately noticed were the cigarette smoke and how cold it was.

I often get the impression that California is this clean living society with smoking laws to prevent you ever breathing second hand smoke but that couldn't be further from the truth. I think the laws have created new pockets of smokers around doors which makes it worse than it used to be for non-smokers.

Living in the desert means that you enjoy an 8 to 10 month summer. The downside is that you forget that the rest of the country has seasons and don't take that in to account when you travel. I'm finding it decidedly cold here and forgot to bring anything with long sleeves. A quick bit of research shows that Phoenix has a high which is 30F above LA's today and tomorrow.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I learned a new acronym today. PIBKAC. Problem Is Between Keyboard And Chair. I find this most appropriate when helping my old man with his computer over the phone:
"Guy, I can't print"
"Is there anything on the screen that says Print?"
short pause...
"Yes, there's a button here that says Click to Print."
"Have you clicked it yet?"
"Go ahead and click it."
short pause...
"It's printing now. Thanks"