Saturday, June 11, 2011

Please Do Not Lock The Door

I was recently lucky enough to be inside a restroom which had this sign on the back of the door. It was in a patient's room in a hospital. So why if they don't want you to lock the door do they put a lock on the door?

Did you have to pick your nose?

I glanced in the review mirror and saw my daughter's hair all over the place and thought it would make a good video. The wife, being the dab hand she is at amazing videos shot her. On reviewing it I discover there's a nose pick in there.

My strategy to keep boys away from her is to post lots of these types of videos and point her suitors at them and then when I feel she's old enough to start dating (maybe 25?) I'll take them down.

Note the foot on the back of my chair. In the background are some Palo Verdes, Mesquites, and a few Saguaro Cacti.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Awesome Puddle Jumper

We were on vacation in Rocky Point and saw this kid wearing a Puddle Jumper and we were so impressed we went out and got one for our kid. The cool thing about it is that it's a pair of arm bands (with flotation foam not air) and they are physically attached to a flotation band that goes around the chest so it keeps the kid's face up and out of the water. We go ours from Target (I think) but most people who have seen our kid with one have got theirs from Amazon: Puddle Jumper at Amazon.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Monkey and the Expert

I've just spent the day skiing with Fat Charlie. On our first real run (i.e. not traversing to get to the far side of the mountain) we discovered a freestyle course that had been marked out on Ray's Ridge (Purgatory) but hadn't been skied enough to create large bumps so we tried to ski it a few times trying to create those bumps.

My friends often tell me that I ski like a monkey. Fat Charlie (aka Jim) was kind enough not to make that comment. Here is how the monkey skis the freestyle course:

And here is the expert doing the upper section of the same course:

And if you're still reading then here is a shot of Jim doing that same section but caught from the bottom of the run looking up:

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The second fastest car on the road

If I'm exceeding the speed limit I like to have another car pass me every now and then. This is the decoy car and the one that the police will pull over instead of me.

This morning it actually worked. On the way to work heading east on Greenway from Tatum the car next to me pulled away at about 2 MPH faster than I did and I watched with relief as the police car behind me changed lanes and pulled him over instead.