Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heart Magic Resveratrol

My wife got me on to resveratrol about 3 years ago. I had recently had my annual checkup and my physician checked my cholesterol (which was slightly higher than it should be) and asked me if I drank. I confessed that I'd given up drinking about 5 years earlier. She asked me if I would consider taking up drinking again but just red wine in small amounts for the cardiac benefit it gives you of lowering your cholesterol. After several cases of boxed wine (not all in the same evening) my wife came home with resveratrol which has the same heart magic cholesterol reducing ingredient as red wine. Not nearly as much fun but it had the effect, combined with exercise and healthy eating, of lowering my cholesterol and getting it back in an acceptable range.

As an added bonus I also got to learn some Greek:
...resveratrol also has highly hydrophilic (the ability to bond and dissolve with water) and lipophilic (the ability to bond and dissolve in fats and oils) properties...
Source:  Resveratrol

hydro = water
philic = love
lipo = fat

My wife, after reading the above, pointed out that there were some other supplements in addition to resveratrol that I am taking. She recently started blogging and came up with her own version of this story: Borderline Hypercholesterolemia and Vitamins