Saturday, April 21, 2012

First time in pool 2012

For the record, so I can check and compare in future years, today, Saturday 21 April 2012, is my first time in the pool this year. The water was cold but not freezing.

I had no intention on going in but I took the 2-year-old out to the pool and she jumped in immediately and was insistent with a "come on daddy" so I eventually dived in. Took about 10 seconds to get used to it and it was beautiful. I can't imagine living in Arizona without easy access to a pool.

Today and tomorrow will peak at 100F (38F) so it won't be long before the pool is luke warm again.


Rob said...

I went in on Wednesday when the water temp was 75F so I guess that makes you a wimp :-) (Been in 5 times since then)

Guy Ellis said...

If you were as old as I am you'd know that old people can't tolerate cold water like you young people.

Rob said...


thronedoggie said...

We have solar heating for the pool - we swam on Sunday when the water was 87 or so : )

thronedoggie said...

And if you were as old as I am then you'd know that you are still young.

I'm glad that we had this little talk.