Friday, December 29, 2006

Top searches for 2006

Paris Hilton imageJust in case you're too lazy to go to the Google Zeitgeist for 2006 the top searches for 2006 were:

1. bebo 2. myspace 3. world cup 4. metacafe 5. radioblog 6. wikipedia 7. video 8. rebelde 9. mininova 10. wiki

and the top news searches were:

1. paris hilton 2. orlando bloom 3. cancer 4. podcasting 5. hurricane katrina 6. bankruptcy 7. martina hingis 8. autism 9. 2006 nfl draft10. celebrity big brother 2006

How does Paris Hilton end up at the top of the news search for an entire year? Is that really news? This requires some investigation so I googled Paris Hilton and discovered that there are 41.4 million pages in the Google index with Paris Hilton in them. That's a lot of reading...

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