Friday, February 09, 2007

Dos Equis

Before I learned how to speak Spanish, my friend Peter (who cannot speak Spanish) used to translate the name of this beer for me. He said that Dos means TWO (which it does) and that Equis means MULES (which it doesn't). He said that the beer was called this because it is so strong that it kicks like two mules.
For a long time I believed that because after a couple of them I'd wake up the next day feeling like I'd been kicked in the head by two mules.
I haven't had a Dos Equis for a while now but whenever I do I look at that label and I think "it kicks like two mules."


Anonymous said...

Interesting, since there happens to be two "x"s on the label and you believed that dos meant two. I'm quite surprised that one got by you Mr. Ellis....and for so many years

Guy Ellis said...

Back in those days I also believed that horseshoes were shaped as X's and that was the mark left on your face after being kicked by the mule. I later discovered that mules wear muleshoes instead of horseshoes. I was very simple back then. I am far more sophisticated now.