Sunday, October 28, 2007

Double Pillowcase

I was about to write another blog post when my wife called to me for help. She'd just washed the sheets and pillowcases for the guest bed and had made up the guest bed and one of the pillowcases was missing. She'd looked everywhere and couldn't find it.

It was time for detective husband to come to the rescue. I thought that I would share these tips with others who may one day need them.

I started the search in the laundry. It wasn't in the washer or dryer or down the back. I then went to the bedroom and checked that it hadn't ended up underneath the fitted sheet. All good so far but sometimes I've seen that pillowcase roll itself up in a tight ball and hide in a corner of the duvet cover. My wife assured me that the duvet cover was inside out when she started so it couldn't be in there.

Then I realized what had happened. The pillowcase had covered the pillowcase on pillow #1. Someone, no names mentioned, was chatting away on the phone and forgot to put down pillow #1 and pick up pillow #2 when moving on to pillowcase #2.

Never underestimate the cunningness of a pillowcase.

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