Monday, January 21, 2008

The Tortoise and the Hare

My wife's uncle needed a scooter when we recently visited the Sonora Desert Museum. She and her nephew showed my uncle how to operate it and later I heard complaints that the electronic scooter was too slow and they wanted to take it back so the expert (yours truly) was called in to examine the control panel.

I discovered a button on the dash with the picture of a tortoise and another with a picture of a hare. It seemed fairly obvious that pressing these would increase and decrease the speed of the scooter. Testing the buttons showed that my guess was correct and I point this out to the two geniuses that had been in charge of the original operating instruction with the question "Just what did you think those buttons were for?"

It turns out that they thought that since this was a zoo (even though it's called a museum) that you pressed the hare button when you spotted a member of the rabbit family and the tortoise button if you saw a tortoise.

Sometimes you have to give up.

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