Sunday, November 23, 2008

Polo Sticks

I was walking past the Ralph Lauren shop in the Biltmore Fashion Park and noticed their fine polo sticks in the window. You can never have too many polo sticks and these were splendid looking sticks.

There was, however, one small problem. The mallets had beige shafts and my string of polo ponies are chestnut. It would obviously be a fashion faux paux to mix beige sticks with chestnut ponies so I passed on the purchase.


Rob said...

While you were there did you see the dog gourmet food shop?

Guy Ellis said...

The Three Dog Bakery! No I did not - damn. Reason enough to go back and find it. I was somewhat surprised at the number of dogs that I saw there though. I know that dogs are banned from The District at Desert Ridge so I'd have assume the same for Biltmore but apparently not.