Sunday, October 03, 2010

Food poisoning in Mexico

As you can probably guess from the title I recently got food poisoning while on vacation in Mexico. However, it was not from food sourced in Mexico. My wife cooked this amazing chicken curry early in the morning before we left for Mexico. That evening at Rocky Point we had the curry and then a couple of hours later my stomach started evacuating the food in both directions.

Stomach: "This is not a drill, GET OUT, GET OUT!"

My wife, the angel that she is, insisted on calling the resort doctor. Turns out they didn't have a doctor but they said that they would send a paramedic. Within a few minutes we had three paramedics in the condo taking my blood pressure and temperature. They were ecstatic to hear that the food came from Phoenix and not Mexico and doled out anti-nausea and electrolytes. They were extremely nice and attentive and great to see such highly competent personnel arrive in such a short period of time. Viva Mexico!

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