Monday, July 02, 2012

The Mystery Drawer

We've moved into a new house and in the bathroom there's a tall narrow draw with six shelves and metal rails to "hold" items in it. I'm trying to work out what the purpose of this drawer is. i.e. what is it suppose to be holding?

The rails are too ineffective to hold anything I've tried so far and also extremely awkward and inconvenient to pull items out of. The few things I've tried to put in there have rolled out when I open the draws making the unusable for roundish objects that can roll.

Ideas? Do you know what this could or should be used for? Do you know if this type of drawer has a name?


snafu918 said...

Apparently it's for whatever will fit:

Guy Ellis said...

Thank you snafu918. I thought that it had no purpose I now see that it has every purpose :)