Sunday, May 05, 2013

Zumba Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Shake

I've just attended my first Zumba class. Damn it was good. Perfect amount of exercise for someone who isn't in great shape. That hip swinging was tough though, I don't think that men naturally swing their hips like that.

Once I've done exercising I'm always motivated to eat better. I think most people experience this. I have a jar of chocolate flavored whey protein powder that I've been waiting to use and thought this the perfect time to try it out.

This is what went into today's smoothie shake:
  • From Costco:
    • One navel orange (peeled)
    • Handful of baby carrots
    • Two florets of frozen brocolli
    • A cup of frozen dark sweet pitted cherries (Townsend Farms
    • One cup of Acai Berry juice
    • Four pitted dates
  • From Trader Joe's
    • Two cubes of frozen ginger
    • Eight strawberries
  • From Aheers Health
  • From the tap
    • Two cups of water (you can use ice as well - I just don't like my smoothies super icy)

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