Sunday, September 01, 2013

Anna Fender Calling

Got this voice mail transcription in my inbox today:

"Anna Fender at a correctional facility attempted to make a collect call to this number. But the call could not be completed due to billing restrictions. If you wish to receive these calls. You must contact our automated system for credit card deposits to a pre-paid account. Our other deposit instructions at 18004838314 or go to and set up an account. If you have already done so please disregard this message. Hear these instructions again press one. To go through our automated credit card payment system press two. To end this call please hang up now."

This was somewhat surprising because I don't know anybody in a correctional institution and have never met or heard of Anna Fender.

Listening to the recording reveals that "Anna Fender" is actually "an offender." How such a simple transcription error can cause wifely suspicion in a paradise.

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Guy Ellis said...

Just got another call from Anna. The automated voice system said that I'd run out of credits for accepting calls from Ventura Country Correctional Facility but I could up my limit. Don't know what to expect if I accept this call. Do you think I should accept it next time?