Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trader Joe's Excellent Service

Today my wife went shopping at Trader Joe's. When she checked out she told the cashier that she didn't want her shopping double bagged. As she got back to the car a handle on the bag broke and the bag fell and a glass bottle of grape seed oil broke and covered the rest of the food in broken glass and oil. My wife took the oil drenched receipt back to the store and told them what had happened. She said that it was completely her fault for turning down the offer to double bag and that she was going to get another bottle of oil.

They wouldn't hear of it. Instead one of them came out to help her clean up the mess in the parking lot and another took her receipt and went shopping with it and filled a new bag (this time no arguments from my wife on double bagging) with her groceries and brought them out to her - no extra charge.

Isn't that incredible customer service? 

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