Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pineapple Mango

Date: 8/14/2015

What: Pineapple Mango
Acquired: 8/13/2015
Planted: 8/14/2015
Orientation: 9 feet from east side of house.
Tree height: 3 feet.
Trunk diameter: 0.5 inches above and below graft.
Location: North East corner of 101, Scottsdale, AZ (Hayden/Thunderbird)
Water: Drip irrigation around 8am daily during summer months.
Soil: Native soil, no amendments. Original soil around root ball kept intact when planted.
Mulch: Thin layer of wood chips around base of tree with a deeper cone of chips surrounding that.
Measure stick: The measure stick shown in the photo is 8 feet long with 2 foot striped markers.

Date 8/17/2015

Added 60% shade cloth to provide some protection against the sun and heat we're currently experiencing.

Date 8/21/2015

Swapped out the regular water emitter for a 1/4" soaker ring around the base of the tree. Diameter of the soaker ring is fairly small (around 10") and only a few inches wider than the original root ball. The soaker ring lies on top of the ground and is then covered with around a foot of mulch. In doing so I saw that the mulch around the base of the trees was already starting to turn a healthy black.

Date 8/23/2015

Looks like there's new growth at the top of the mango. Grabbing this image to see how it changes over time.

Date 8/28/2015

  • 3 New shoots can now be seen on the mango. Two at the top as per the previous logs photo and a new one lower down.
  • Sprinkled 4 handfuls of used (Starbucks) coffee grounds around the based of the tree.

Date 9/3/2015

Switched out the flimsy/flexible plastic/rebar poles for 8' wood stakes and extended the shade cloth another foot south.

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