Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Specialty Golf Club Hire

I think that I've come up with a novel new business idea. It's specialty golf club hire. The idea is that you have an inventory of golf clubs and bags that you hire out. These clubs have the appearance of being brand new and almost unused but you have modified them such that they play terribly. Some of the clubs force a hook, some a slice, and the sand wedge catches it in the teeth each time and sends it off the back of the green and into the lake.

Now at this point you may be a bit confused. Why would someone want to hire a set of golf clubs that made them play badly?

Well, you're not hiring them for yourself. You are hiring them for your father/brother/son/old college buddy who is coming in to town for a short visit and wants to catch a game of golf with you. "Don't worry about bringing your clubs," you tell them. "I have a spare set for you" or "I'll get some for you."

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