Sunday, July 29, 2007

Detective Wife

My wife comes home from work and about half an hour later she asks "So how did you enjoy that peach flavored tea?" How did she know I'd had it? I wondered. Turns out that she looks in the trash each day to see what I've been eating and drinking. Her key eye turns to the fridge and notices that there's one less piece of cheesecake in the box. Even when there's no garbage generated she'll know what I've had.

A while after that she asks "So did Ashalia leave a message for me?"
"Oh yes," I say suddenly remembering that I'd completely forgotten to give her Ashalia's message. Turns out that she uses the history feature on the phone to find out who called and what messages I've forgotten.

What I want to know is why she has to ask me what I'm thinking. Surely she has a clever way of finding that out without asking me...?

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