Monday, July 02, 2007

Kitchen Basketball

I've started playing basketball - well kitchen basketball to be exact - it's safer to start this way than immediately show your ineptitude on the court in front of 8-year-olds.

The sink as you can see, is the perfect basket. Getting it in is not difficult but making it stay in is.

The ball that I'm playing with is a Wilson NCAA ball. NCAA is an acronym for the National Basketball Association, the overseeing basketball organisation in the US. The team in charge of creating acronyms at the NCAA is not the best in the world.

Top tips for Kitchen Basketball:

  • Clear away all glasses and glassware before you start a game.
  • Don't tell your mother/wife that you play this game and only play when she's not at home.
  • If you hit the faucet handle such that water sprays on the kitchen floor take a 1 point penalty.
  • Score an extra point if you bounce the ball off 2 surface items before it dunks.
  • Score 3 extra points if you reflect off the microwave and oven before you "sink" it.


Anonymous said...

finally a quality article.

Anonymous said...

Surely you aren't serious with the
"NCAA is an acronym for the National Basketball Association" quote are you? NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association, you are using a college basketball rather than a professional NBA ball. If you are serious, I thought I might save you some embarrassment from the US folks.

Guy Ellis said...

You are correct. My English is still sufficient that I can tell that Nation Basketball Assocation reduces to NBA as an acronym.

It did, however, take me a while to work out what NCAA stood for. Someone has told me that the ball is a different size for NCAA vs NBA. Is this correct?

Anonymous said...

The NBA and the NCAA balls are the same size, however the basketballs that the women use are smaller. The main difference is the 3 point line on the NCAA courts are closer 20'9" than the NBA 3 point lines at 22'. The NCAA actually moved the 3 point line back 1 inch for next season....which I am sure will make a huge difference, it was previously 19'9"....for the mathematically impaired.

Guy Ellis said...

First of all, how the hell do you know all this stuff? Don't you just watch it on telly and enjoy it?

Secondly, if my math is correct then 20'9" to 19'9" is 1 foot not 1 inch.

Guy Ellis said...

I have a question. Am I going to be in trouble if I take an NCAA logo'd ball on to an NBA sized court and/or an NBA stamped ball onto an NCAA sized court?

What is basketball etiquette here?

Anonymous said...

I never said math was my strong suit....I meant a foot, not that a foot really matters, because an inch surely wouldn't.
You can use an NCAA ball anywhere you want, I would recommend it, in fact, kind of recapture your youth as a college kid as you get deeper into your 40s next week!

Guy Ellis said...

As a college kid I had a beer in my hand not a ball so this is all new to me.