Saturday, August 25, 2007

XBox 360

About 3 weeks ago I receive an email in my inbox saying that I'd won an XBox 360. On that same day (as on every other day) I also received about a thousand emails telling me that I'd won the European lottery or that Mr Gambaza from Nigeria would like to give me $150,000,000. Those emails land in my spam box and I rarely see them.

So I've been telling friends that I won an XBox 360. "Where is it?" They usually ask. "It's still coming," I would say. "I got an email saying that I won it and had to send off my address so that they could mail it to me." This is usually greeted by laughter and fun poking that I had been had.

No longer can you jest that way with me. Today FedEx turned up at the front door with the XBox 360 and I've just opened it.

Exactly what I'm going to do with it I don't know because I don't play games. At least young people will think that I'm hip and groovy when they come around to the house because I'll have an XBox 360 sitting there. I'll even run the wires around to the back of the TV to make it look as if it's plugged in.


The Sports Satirist said...

I get e-mails like that all the time.

The Sports Satirist said...

I actaully get something in return. I get a link asking me to complete some special offers in order to get the Xbox 360. I would love to have an Xbox 360. How did you get one for free?

Unknown said...

Guy! We are totally gonna play HALO 3 and get addicted! I will be at your house every day and our wives will divorce us - slowly our lives will fade away as we are sucked into the warm glow of your 'ginormous' television displaying how many 13 year olds we have offed in the last 72 hours of non-stop play. We will grow fat and old and live off of the land and spend all of our money on internet, cable and electricity. We eventually die, but only after we've both established names for ourselves in the online communities as the two radest guys on the planet in the 13 yr old age group.


Guy Ellis said...

What happens if we can't beat those 13-year-olds? Do you think that our wives will leave us for 13-year-olds once they've beaten us? It could be an exceptionally humiliating experience. :)