Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

We've recently become the proud owners of our first pot plant; Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. It turned up on our doorstep one evening courtesy of our friends Justin and Liz.

We've also just had our side yard paved (background of photo) and so it was lucky that we already had a plant to adorn it with.

Over tea and toasted raisin bread we sat on our patio this morning and spent at least 45 minutes discussing Brilliant Hibiscus. Are we going to re-pot it? Or are we going to plant it? If we're going to re-pot it, must we do it ourselves or can we take it to a nursery and have them do it for us? What goes into the pot with the plant? Earth? Surely they've come up with something better than earth... If not, they're probably selling earth under a fancy name to make it more marketable.

The responsibilities of a new plant-parent are more than I was expecting. We have relatives arriving to stay in a couple of months. I think that I will hand over this decision making to them.


Melodie said...

Your first pot plant? Hmmmm...I know you're not from this country but I thought that it was relatively common knowledge that pot isn't legal in the U.S. You can't own it in any form; not in a planter on your porch and not dried in a baggy in your pocket! Now a potted plant is a whole different story...



Melodie said...

BTW, if you want some help or advice about your potted hibiscus, (what brand of earth renamed for profit is best or how deep to dig your hole) Tom can tell you how to get in touch with me. Plants and animals are my forte baby!

Guy Ellis said...

Thanks Melodie - much appreciated. I'll take you up on that when it's time to re-pot my pot.