Saturday, December 08, 2007

Puerto Vallarta Stand Up

Puerto Vallarta, wherever you are, please stand up.

So I was standing in the line at the pharmacy and overheard the pharmacist and patient in front of me having a conversation. Here's the interesting part:

Patient: I need it today because I'm going off on holiday.
Pharmacist: I can get that for you, where are you going?
Patient: I'm going to Puerto Viagra in Mexico.
Pharmacist: I hear it's lovely there.

Amazingly the pharmacist managed to wipe her smile within a split second of realizing that the patient had no idea what she'd just said.

I'm sure that Puerto Vallarta is going to be able to stand-up to its new name. I'm just not sure how long for. Is it 24-hours?


Rob said...

I'm guessing the pharmacist needed a stiff drink after that shift!

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to believe you were standing in line at a pharmacy...what does your wife do for a living? Speaking of Viagra, what do you hear of our boy Andrew?

Guy Ellis said...

He's still taking a cocktail of Viagra and Cialis to keep his wife happy.