Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The versions are regressing

Usually, when you bring out a new software product, you increase the version number. This is what the Romans did with their Roman Numerals when they were still making software.

Microsoft have just released the third version of their C# Compiler and have given it the version number 3.5. The first one they versioned 7.1 and the second one 8.0. I'm going to send Microsoft a letter and explain how the versioning system works.

Or... Are Microsoft becoming environmentally friendly and recycling everything including version numbers?

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Tombo said...

Guy, I thought you knew that trying to find reason or login in Microsoft's version numbers is like trying to reverse the rotation of the Earth?

Personally, I'm looking forward to the next version of Windows.

Coming soon to a computer near you... it's Windows 7, taa daaah, formerly known as Blackcomb, I mean Vienna. Successor to the great Vista, and XP before it. Distant relative of NT and dearly departed 98 or was it 95? Doesn't matter, I still run 3.11 WFW. Well maybe MinWin will save us all?