Saturday, November 03, 2007

I know when Christmas starts

I've discovered when Christmas starts. It's at midnight on Halloween. It has come to my attention that workers in stores across America have instructions to take down the Halloween decorations at midnight on Halloween and replace them with Christmas decorations.

I've noticed that Tom has already lamented about Wal-Mart starting the Christmas (Shame on Wal-Mart) music. Tom: the law says that Christmas starts when Halloween ends, not when Thanksgiving ends. Go back to law school.

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Melodie said...

OBVIOUSLY you aren't a shopper! Otherwise you would have known that the Christmas decorations went up and Halloween leftovers went to the clearance rack a minimum of 48 hours before Halloween took place! In some stores, they've been putting up Christmas for almost two weeks now!

Rookies!! (Although I bet you have a better idea of why Tom works so much though now, don't you! haha!)