Saturday, November 03, 2007

Beer better than water after exercise

News story I just read with my thoughts in italics.

A recent study at Granada University in Spain has found that drinking beer after exercise to be better at rehydrating you than water. The study was tested on 25 college students. I bet that they had a really tough time finding college students that were willing to participate in a study that involved drinking beer. The students had to perform strenuous exercise in 104F temperatures. This was probably lugging barrels of beer from the truck up into the hall where the study was taking place.

The group was split into two and half of them drank beer and the other half drank water. What a bummer. Imagine signing on for the study and being assigned to the group that has to drink water. Now it doesn't take a mathematical genius to notice that they managed to split 25 people into 2 groups. Why 25 if you're splitting them in 2? What happened to the odd man out? Was he alternating between beer and water?

Apparently the hydration effect in those drinking beer was slightly better than those who drank water. I know why this was. Those drinking the water were standing there sulking and reluctantly sipping at their drinks while they were watching the others drink beer.

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