Tuesday, February 05, 2008


That was a pathetic attempt on my part to blog every day this month. Maybe next month...

Sunrise was great. First time I've skied there when all the slopes were open. Interesting to see the other two mountains; Apache Peak at 11,100' and Cyclone Circle at 10,700'. The black runs on Cyclone have some great names like Tempest, Thunder, Suicide, and Hurrican Ridge.

Driving back from the ski slopes I saw some guys doing some ice fishing and curiosity got the better of me and I walked out onto the lake to see how they do it. They've got this massive drill bit that's the diameter of a medium sized tree trunk that they screw through 3 feet of ice and then drop their line in. A few pan sized rainbows were lying on the ice next to their coolers. You never have to worry about keeping your catch fresh when you go ice fishing.

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Anonymous said...

CURRENTLY (I want to emphasize that) it's my INTENTION (not exactly the same as a "plan") to go to Flagstaff this Sunday; I was trying to get Ethel to go to Sunrise for the weekend, but she balked, and I don't want to drive that far for one day of skiing.