Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lost Miles

A friend at work introduced me to a really cool site: which allows you to measure your hike/walk etc. On the plus side this is great because it means that I can accurately measure my cycle to work. On the down side I discovered that I'm cycling 7 miles and not 7.6 so I'm losing 1.2 miles a day or a total of 29.4 miles since I started this route.


Anonymous said...

a) If you'd'a asked me, I coulda told ya - I've been using gmap ped for years.

b) You mean you don't have a GPS or bike computer?

c) gmap ped will always come out somewhat short, because of the straight-line limitation.

Guy Ellis said...

I thought that gmap ped would be almost exact because you can plot many points and therefore plot one at each turn.