Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wellness Score

Work is having a wellness drive and we've been encouraged to fill out a wellness survey with our health provider. Apparently I'm 96 well and 4 unwell. I'm not sure what the units are, perhaps it's percent. If so, I think that the 4% unwellness is my nose which is easily big enough to represent 4% of my body and has been sneezing recently.

Aparently I don't eat enough fruit and veg...


Anonymous said...

The wellness survey won't let me finish - it refuses to let me admit that I don't have a weight-loss plan.

It wants to know what my plan is to lose weight? I said that I don't have one. It took that - but then, later, it wants to know how confident I am that I can implement my weight-loss goals? There's no way past that question; it wants me to answer it.

Guy Ellis said...

Yup - there were some pretty stupid questions on that survey and some ill-thought out logic. I can see that their software isn't run through a QA department.