Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reach 11 Bobcat

Yesterday (9 June 2008) evening I was cycling back home through Reach 11 and came across a bobcat on the track. My first thought was "wow, a bobcat on the track." My second thought was "is this the roadrunner's doing?"

For those that know Reach 11 I saw the bobcat in the section between Tatum and 56th on the paved path just north of the perennial pond. As soon as it saw me it dashed back into the undergrowth on the north side of the pond.

This morning there was no sign of the roadrunner. I'm sure it's plotting something...


Rob said...

Hmmm, obviously I know Tatum and 56th, but perennial pond? Methinks it's time I went for a walk through there.

Guy Ellis said...

Can you run faster than a bobcat? If not, don't get eaten.