Saturday, June 21, 2008

Triple Digits at Midnight

I'm guessing that we finally hit triple digits at midnight last night. I was watching telly and noticed at 11:35pm that it was 102 but forgot to check again at midnight. I keep an eye on Rob's Blog to let me know the first triple digit midnight of the year and he mentioned a few days ago that he thought it was close.


Rob said...

CLose but no cigar - 'twas 98 at midnight. Tonight I have high hopes though, especially if we really do hit the expected 115 during the afternoon.

Guy Ellis said...

Where do you get your midnight temp info from? Also watching the "temp score" in the lower right hand corner of the telly?

Rob said...

Uh huh - KTAZ 10 (which I don't watch as such but I keep the TV tuned to it so when I switch away from the HTPC KTAZ comes up, with the temperature in the lower right corner).

Are they accurate? Who knows? But if I use the same source every time at least I can expect some kind of consistency.