Thursday, November 07, 2013

Make it a Great Speech

I attended Ryan Avery's Make it a Great Speech this evening. Here are my notes from the speech.

Three Items:

    1. Simple
    2. Impactful
    3. Relatable

1. Simple always wins. i.e. keep the speech simple.

Intro should always tie back to conclusion.

Body should be three stories that all match the same theme.

You can't be the hero of your own story. Someone teaches you something.

In each of the three stories there should always be a constant object, place or person. In the Trust is a Must speech the constant was the bunny slippers.

Write your speech like a poem instead of by paragraph. When writing your speech create a new line for each pause you want to take. Write it like a poem. It will be much easier to remember the text and also remember when to pause.

Number one sense that links us is smell. Can you smell your speech? Use a different colored highlighter for each of the five senses and read through the speech and highlight where each sense is used in the speech.

Drop the prop. Let the audience create an image in their own in their own minds, you don't need to take props onto the stage.

Active voice vs passive voice. Tell them what is happening. Leave "was" out of the speech. Use active voice.

Book coming out: Speaker, Leader, Champion by Ryan Avery

2. Make it impactful. Look for opportunities and not excuses.

Video all your speeches.

Never give a speech again, only send a message from the heart.

Simon Sinek's golden circle
Why, how, what
Why do you want to do something?
How will you do it?
What will you do to change the world?
This is the right order to ask these questions. Find your why and the rest will follow. Most people go in the opposite direction which is 1. What 2. How 3. Why

Chelsea's blog:

Ryan's blog:

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great - Zig Ziglar

Make an impact on yourself first. Setup visualization stations all over the house. Not about assuming to be champion but training to be it. Ryan had his name as the 2012 world champion written in prominent places like on the white board and a print out in a binder at work so he was always seeing it.

Triangle of success. Reduce what you are doing to focus on the one item you want to succeed at. Top says success and bottom says focus. Need to reduce doing too much and focus on one thing.

3. Make it relatable.

Never tell a joke again, tell a failure.
The best way to be relatable is to use your family. Using anything else could be offensive to someone.

Dress to relate. Dress appropriately for the audience.


How you practice is how you will play. i.e. practice every speech like you're giving the final one on stage.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

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