Sunday, October 13, 2013

Banana Update October 2013

Our banana has already started to have babies and it's only been in the orchard for 4 months. You can see a small one at the base here and there's another peeking out from behind.

The banana now stands at 5 feet tall. That's 60 inches. It was 18 inches tall when I planted it 4.5 months ago: Goldfinger Banana

What you see around the base of the banana is our first batch of compost that has been brewing in our compost barrel since 14 June 2013.

30 September 2014 Update

In the 12 months since the last update on the banana 2 more babies have sprouted and we now have 5 strong stems all of equal size creating the banana palm "grove" that you see.

They are doing a great job at propagating but very little in the vertical direction and we still haven't seen a bunch of bananas from it yet.

Something that I learned is that once a banana palm flowers and produces its fruit then that stem is done and you can cut it down. It's just like a flower.

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