Saturday, October 21, 2006

One finger equals five toots

My father-in-law has recently taken up driving in North America which means adapting from driving on the left-hand-side to the right-hand-side. I have been giving him some pointers such as "drive on the right." On about his third outing, while weaving around on the right side of the road an irate motorist managed to zoom past him and hung his arm out the window and flipped him the finger.

About a week later he went for his license and got it on the first go. The tester came to me at the end of the test and said: "He still needs some practise and should slow down a bit. Speeding during the test wasn't a good idea." He still passed him.

After his first solo outing my father-in-law returned home and proudly came into the house saying "I only got two toots today."

I have calculated that in Arizona four toots is about the max you will get before someone gives you the finger so by my calculations he's made a 60% improvement.

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