Thursday, October 26, 2006

OnStar Day 0

We have recently acquired a vehicle which is equipped with OnStar. This product, with the level 2 subscription, Connections and Directions, promises to get your to point B, assuming that you started at point A. In fact that is wrong. You don't have to start at point A. You can start anywhere and it will get you to point B. They (OnStar) can see where your vehicle is and then someone will talk you through the turns to take to get to point B.

OnStar will also do a bunch of other useful stuff like track you car and report its position to the police if stolen (I think that LowJack does this as well). It will unlock your doors if you lock the keys in the car. Most useful of all it will help you find your car by sounding its horn and flashing its lights. I fear that this last benefit could be a danger as the only time you are unlikely to find your car by yourself is when you are drunk beyond driving limits and would be better off not finding your car.

So day 0 had me pressing the OnStar button several times and trying to connect up with the operators to set-up the account. Alas no luck. It appears that the OnStar hardware in the car is broken. The garage tells me that the OnStar module needs to be replaced with a new module and they don't have any in stock so we'll have to wait.

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