Thursday, June 05, 2008

Roadrunner cheats

I was cycling to work today as usually and the roadrunner appears again except this time a little earlier along the ride than before and at the beginning of a decline for me. This gave me a distinct advantage. I changed into a higher gear and pedalled hard. The roadrunner increased his (it must be a male because it's so bloody competitive) speed and I increased mine.

For the first time I drew up parallel to him and knew I was going to overtake him. That's when the bastard cheated and took off and started to fly and rose up to eye level with me. I stared him straight in the eye and he returned my glare and then I decided that if he was cheating so was I. As we approached a tree I took a quick swerve to the right and tried to head-butt him. Lucky for him he swerved out the way but had to go around the tree.

When he appeared again on the line of the path, still flying, he was a few yards behind me and I saw him land and give up. He just stood there in the path with a bewildered look on his face.


danesparza said...

I just wanted to point out that the roadrunner might think you're the cheating bastard for using a contraption (outside of your body) to increase your land-speed.

He was just using the wings he was born with, after all. *grin*

Guy Ellis said...

That's like saying it's unfair to shoot a bird because it doesn't have a gun to shoot back. Just because birds are too apathetic to take up arms doesn't mean it's unfair.