Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wii Fit

We've just bought a Wii Fit and I'm very impressed. I've been wondering how the Balance Board would help and now I think I know how.

When you're setting up the Wii Fit it records your height (you need to input that) and weight (it measures that).

If you're doing something like a lunge you're supposed to put a certain percent (I'm guessing 50%) of your weight on your front leg. Because this leg is on the Balance Board the Wii Fit can measure the percent of your weight on that leg and provides a marker on the screen showing you if you need to put more or less weight there.

I've now used it twice in two days. I'm sure I'm going to post more about this soon...


Unknown said...

Holy smokes, how'd you land a Wii FIt? I've been looking for one for a few weeks. Arg. Have fun with it! I hope you've seen the WiiFit "bum video" :)

Guy Ellis said...

We lucked out. The wife made me take her to the new Trader Joes on Shea and Tatum and when we got there she sent me on a second mission to check if the Game Spot behind it had the Wii Fit. It turned out that they did and so we got one.

I had not seen the Wii Fit bum video until you just now made me do a search for it and watch it - excellent!

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