Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do you own an iron?

I've just started a new stick of Mitchum Gel so that others can be close to me without becoming asthmatic. On the lid it reads "If you're not sure you own an iron, you're a Mitchum man." I had a good chuckle at that. When non-iron shirts first became available in the UK I restocked my cupboard with non-irons. Not because I didn't want to iron (there was no way I was going to do that anyway) - just that I wanted to put an end to the "dishevelled" comments at work.

Although the non-irons worked well there wasn't much variety in the selection and this didn't allow me to be the fashion victim that I wanted to be so in the end I came to an agreement with our amazing receptionist and she'd take my shirts home over the weekend and wash and iron them for me.

I took a look at the old stick I am chucking out and it reads "If you read the sports section first, you're a Mitchum man." Now I certainly cannot relate to that. You see, I'm a doer and not a watcher (or reader in this case) and I don't care how badly I "do" the sport, I'd rather be out there doing it than watching someone else do it.

I think that Mitchum need to reword that caption around the first birthday my wife had after we started dating. As her birthday present I told her that she could caddy for me while I played golf. Amazingly, she thought that this was a good idea. I immediately knew that I'd found the perfect woman. She didn't actually carry the bag for me but she trudged the entire course in good spirits and pushed euphemisms to their extreme as I dug up the fairways.

So how could Mitchum label their stick of deodorant with this experience?

"If you let your wife caddy for you for her birthday, you're a Mitchum man."

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