Saturday, April 07, 2007

Splash and Dash

I'm planning on doing my first Splash and Dash in 3 weeks time: Splash & Dash Spring 2007 Race #1. Although I've generally done a lot of sports and have almost always maintained a reasonable level of fitness I've never done a bi, tri, or quad-athlon.

Yesterday was my first day of training. I ran 4km along the Central Arizona Project canal. I'm not sure if you would call it a run but perhaps more of a jog. Even jog might be too generous, perhaps a shuffle. I had every intention of doing the 750m swim afterwards but after the shuffle that was not going to happen.

Today I did the swim first (which is the correct order for this Splash and Dash) but was too stiff and sore before and afterwards for another run. I'm thinking of asking the organisers if I can come back the following day to finish the Splash & Dash. I'll keep you posted on their answer.

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