Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lack of Blog

I'm going through a phase of forgetfulness on my blog. Each day I come up with something that I want to blog about but by the time I sit down in front of the computer I've forgotten what it was that I wanted to blog about and so you haven't seen many blogs from me recently.

One trick to jolting the memory that I have found particularly effective is searching for porn. Now don't misunderstand me here - I don't actually go looking at the pictures I just bring up a list of search results. For example, if I typed in "naked images of pamela anderson" I get the usual hits but today I also get one from a web site called and the words wood and tuna jump out at me and remind me of a time I caught a tuna and had to hit it on the head to kill it and then I got the tuna's blood on my face and it got stuck in my beard and when I shaved it... and that's how I got back to the last post about the Four Blades.

(I'm not sure if my wife's going to buy that the next time she walks in on me surfing for porn but I'll let you know how it goes.)

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