Thursday, June 21, 2007

100F at midnight

Last year Rob recorded us hitting 100F at midnight on 23 July 2006. For you non people (i.e. you people) that would be 38C. We have an advertised price of 115F (46C) at 4pm today so I'm wondering if we're going to hit the magic 100F at midnight tonight?

By the way, if you ever need to do conversion quickly and easily and you're in front of the computer then Google will do it for you in their search box. Just type "115f in c" and voila.


Rob said...

Not a chance this early in the season Guy. The humidity is too low. I'm predicting last week of July again, just like last year. And yes, I will be checking! (I have been for the past month but we've never been above 94 so far).

Guy Ellis said...

Ah yes... I forgot that we needed that moisture from the monsoons to hold the heat.