Friday, June 23, 2006

Cluster Maps

Ultramaroon rises again blog writing genius Rob put me onto Cluster Maps. If you look in the right hand column - that's filled with junk that nobody ever knows what to do with - you will see a small map of the world. Clicking on this will bring up a larger map of the world and on it you will see dots marking the geographical location of people that have visited this blog. My fears that someone reads the blog were confirmed because there is an unidentified (perhaps two) geographical location marked on the map.

In Australia, it looks like there is a visitor from Melbourne. Now I would expect a mark on Sydney because I have a brother there but not in Melbourne. Singapore - John is that you? Near New York - I'm guessing that's you Chris. But my friend Lessy from Miami area is missing. I know that she read it because she sent me an email commenting on every entry I've made over the last 2 months. Perhaps I put the map up after she visited.

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