Friday, June 16, 2006

Ultramaroon rises again

Rob writes in the blog Ultramaroon rises again. I met up with him (and Vern) on Wednesday evening and discovered that in the less-than-2-years that he's been writing this blog he's penned around 285,000 words. Now that's a lot of words. I once worked out that an average novel has 80,000 words and so this is about 3.5 books. An impressive achievement. I'm guessing that by his second year anniversary he'll have written 320,000 words and round off 4 books.

This is about the right speed, in my opinion, to write. I wrote a novel called Wild Fiction and I worked out that it took me about 6 months to write. It actually took about 8 years but if I was to add up all the time spent on it I guessed that it took about 6 months of 40 hour weeks. This included 4 revisions to the 85,000 words of magical realism which one rarely executes on a blog.

A blog is, in my opinion, the new and best way to write a book. A blog is the ideal way to get around writers block. If you set up categories on your blog then when you come up with the next idea or time to add to your book you blog it and stick it in the book category. If you don't have anything to add to your book then you blog on something else. The great thing about a blog is that it lets you practise your writing and keeps you writing until you're ready to the your magnum opus.


Tim B. said...

I think your views on blogs being a handy tool to write a book could have some merit Guy. And I've finally set up one for myself. I'm using it to journal my thoughts while I right my book.... haven't decided if I'll make it public though.


Tim B.

Guy Ellis said...

Hey Tim - go for it!! Keep it private until you are comfortable to release it. I think that you'll find that if you release it then you may develop a following and get some feedback from other people. If I were you I'd definitely put your NNN missives on the blog so that all can read. Let me know the URL if you make it public and I'll add it here.

Rob said...

Guy, my 'The Deaf Man' post tonight takes me to 320221 words! :-) Made it about 3 weeks before my second anniversary of serious blogging!

Guy Ellis said...

That's a very impressive figure. Being the math genius that I am I did a (320,221 / (52+49) ) and came up with 2992 words per week or 427 words per day.

I believe that a good author/novelist should be able to produce about 1,000 words/day giving a 100,000 word novel in about 100 days or 3 per year with 65 days of holiday.

You are doing this as a hobby in your spare time and writing the equivalent of about 2 books a year. Not to be sneezed at.