Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Not Easily Impressed

I'm not easily impressed. Last night I caught a few of the acts on Last Comic Standing and fell off my chair laughing at Josh Blue. Here's this guy with cerebral palsy and he comes on stage to do stand-up comedy with this disability. He was outstanding and seriously impressed me. He also impressed the audience who immediately gave him a standing ovation - he is a very funny man.

What killed me was his response to Kathy Griffin's question "Why did you decide to become a comic?" to which he responded "Well I didn't really have any choice. I can't exactly direct traffic with my arms like this."

I didn't see the end of the show yesterday evening but I learned today that he won. Well done that man! I'm looking forward to seeing you live one day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, did you know there is a fan site dedicated to Josh Blue, the comedian with cerebral palsy on "Last Comic Standing"? Check it out at It has video clips, photos, a way to send fan mail, and the latest on Josh and the show!