Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Unlikely Locations

After looking at the cluster map I see that Lessy (from Florida) has popped up on there after I mentioned her. She thought that she was hiding behind an anonymizer but I think that she's out in the open now. No hiding for you Lessy.

According to the cluster map it appears that the odd person is stumbling across this blog so I will keep it clean, straight and moral. I used to keep my travel journal that way because I knew that someone was reading it to my grandmother and I didn't want to offend her. Now I guess I just don't want to offend anyone. That's certainly not going to happen. Just writing a single word on one web page is bound to outrage someone. That's the way things work. So I'll let it be.

I was thinking of challenging Rob to a "most unlikely visitor" or "exotic location" hit on the Cluster Map. Where, in the world, do you think it most unlikely that a visitor would come from?

I was thinking of somewhere in Central Africa or perhaps a Pacific island country. I heard that the country of Nuie is the only country to have 100% wireless free internet access. How true this is I'm not sure. Perhaps a hit from Nuie would be unusual. How would you mastermind getting a visitor from Nuie? Perhaps by mentioning Nuie Island frequently in this blog then Google will index it and someone will stumble across it from Nuie by accident - although that is unlikely because one of the 2,166 inhabitants of Nuie would be unlikely to be using Nuie in a search term because they already know everything there is to know about their island.

I was going to include a link to the Wikipedia entry about Nuie but I discovered that there wasn't one - which is unusual. The best that I can give you is the CIA Factbook about Nuie. The CIA do NOT consider Nuie to be a military threat.

The Vatican City probably has free wireless internet access. I wonder how many countries in the world have 100% coverage of free wireless internet access?

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Anonymous said...

Nuie has a reputation for having some of the clearest waters surrounding the island. Apparently this is because the fresh waters filter through the island's earth and out into the oceans surrounding the island.