Thursday, November 02, 2006

Convergent Golf - a theory

I was playing golf today at Legends at Arrowhead. We were a 4-ball in 2 golf carts. If you're good at math then you already know that I'm going to tell you that there were 2 of us in each cart.

While we were playing I noticed something. Michael and I were in the same cart and more often often than not our balls would be near each others' balls. It looked like the same was happening with the other two.

This has lead me to the Play Convergent Theory which is stated as follows: "You are more likely to play the same type of game and shots as the person that you share a cart with than the other two players in a 4-ball."

They say that women who live/work together have menstrual cycles that become in sync with each others'. Now along the same lines I think that the players in the same cart have games that sync up. This has nothing to do with their cycles but more because they are discussing the game and the shots that they are playing and tips that they have read in books and magazines. It's this sharing of (mis)information that subtly influences each-others games such that they converge in style and stroke.

I think that I'm on to something here...


Anonymous said...

A post rich with so many juvenile possibilities! I could have a ball with this one but I'll resist the temptation!

Guy Ellis said...

Clever choice of words - I was thinking of the innuendos each time I typed the word ball.