Friday, November 03, 2006

OnStar Tale 5

The titling of my OnStar experience by days was becoming a bit of a misnomer so I've changed it to "Tales." As you can see day/tale 4 was skipped because I started at zero so this is the 5th tale.

Yesterday the out-laws went off to Costco by themselves. I penned what I thought were accurate and unambiguous directions. I was wrong. The 5 minute trip around the corner led (apparently) to a 30 minute drive to the other side of the city.

After realizing that they had driven about 6 times the distance that they should have they plucked up the courage to press the OnStar button. According to them, OnStar saved the day and directed them back to Costco. According to them, OnStar couldn't find the particular Costco that they were looking for but I am just reporting this second hand so I'm not sure what actually happened but they were pleased with the results.

At the bottom of my directions I had written the address on the Costco they were supposed to be going to with the addendum "if you get lost then press the OnStar button and give them this address!"

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