Thursday, November 16, 2006

OnStar Tale 6

I received a call from OnStar today letting me know that my account is now active. I tested it and she was right, I can now log into my account online. I got the impression that it was activated a few days ago but I wasn't told and the caller said that it doesn't really take 2 weeks turnaround but that there is some lead time.

Upper management will be calling me in a few days time to discuss why I could not give GPS co-ordinates to the operator to get me to my location and why the operators don't have Internet access.

I am wondering if OnStar is a gigantic company with tens of thousands of employees and for this reason it is not nimble and quick to react. I'm also wondering if their job application forms have a line which reads: "Have you ever blogged about OnStar before? If so, please list all links in the space provided below. If that space is not sufficient then please attach a separate sheet with the details."

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